Fit Club Pro Gym Reviews

  • Annissa H. , Fit Club Pro Gym Testimonials

    This gym is definitely one of my favorites gyms. I'm not the kind of person who needs all the extra amnesties in a gym like a pool or a tanning salon, I just need to workout. This gym has: spin, group classes including Barre which I Love, weight room, brand new machines, and Its always super clean. I love the entire look of the place it's bright and it makes you feel like your working out on a playground. This place has a real positive vibe.

    Annissa H.
  • Linda P. , Fit Club Pro Gym Testimonials

    About a year ago I was overweight,could barely make it up the stairs without huffing and puffing, and never mind touching my toes. I have lost eleven pounds, can run up the stairs and touch my toes just fine. I owe all of my accomplishments to Joyce. She always encourages me to do my best, and is always there when I need help.Honestly I would not go to the gym if Joyce was not there. Joyce is awesome!!!!

    Linda P.
  • Donna J. , Fit Club Pro Gym Testimonials

    I was originally a member of Lucille Roberts and am now a member of FIT CLUB. The facility and equipment are all brand new and there is no shortage of equipment, so noone is ever waiting. The classes are my favorite part of the gym. The instructors are all amazing at what they do, and will take the time to speak with you about any questions you may have. I have friends who participate with the personal trainers and say they are fantastic. I would highly recommend this club to anyone looking for a clean, top of the line facility with a wonderful staff, including everyone from the trainers to the front desk workers.

    Donna J.
  • Matthew W. , Fit Club Pro Gym Testimonials

    This gym is great! It's got a ton of versatile equipment including gear perfect for the cross-fit peeps. The environment is clean and friendly! Jackie is cool and sweet and Rob is awesome, even when he's sniffing pre-workout- or I think it may be... . Overall if you're looking for a froogle membership with everything included...come here!

    Matthew W.
  • Debra L. , Fit Club Pro Gym Testimonials

    The gym has a lot to offer and they continually working on adding new equipment. The trainers are knowledgeable and great motivators. I have had an opportunity to train with both Ben and mike and would recommend them to any one who is looking to get stronger.

    Debra L.
  • Liz S. , Fit Club Pro Gym Testimonials

    The core boxing with Mario at fit club has been a great addition to my workout routine. Best core exercise!! The workout is different every time. Love it!

    Liz S.
  • Diane L. , Fit Club Pro Gym Testimonials

    I joined FitClub after being out of the gym for 2 years due to an injury. At first, I was petrified & a little nervous being there amongst all of the well toned, in shape people but the staff & the atmosphere of the gym put me at ease right away. I immediately signed up for personal training as I knew I needed some guidance. Joyce has been exceptional working with me. She makes you work hard & doesn't pull any punches. Joyce is very knowledgeable & aware of each persons limitations. Whether you are with her for one on one sessions or a group session, Joyce is dedicated to provide you with the best workout you've ever had. So happy I joined FitClub!

    Diane L.
  • Loren A. , Fit Club Pro Gym Testimonials

    I joined Fit Club in May and was offered a free personal training session. I didn't think anything of it, wasn't planning on trying it but April happened to be at the front desk when I joined and so I scheduled an appointment with her. Could not be happier that I started personal training. April is absolutely amazing and has taught me SO many different types of exercises and workouts. When I leave a training session I feel stronger and more confident than ever. I have always had issues with my knees and April has taken that into account and focused on strengthening the muscles needed to help with my knees. Between the varied workouts and positivity, I highly recommend trying personal training and if you are willing to try April is amazing - and now I love going to the gym!

    Loren A.
  • Chelsea J. , Fit Club Pro Gym Testimonials

    I have been a member of Fit Club/ Lucille Roberts since 2014. I have struggled with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and with weight loss my entire left, that is, until I started training with Amanda 3 months ago. Amanda is an exceptional trainer in regards to her skill set, her reliability, her ability to plan challenging varied workouts, her patience, her overall knowledge about the field and her sincerity. I have had sessions with trainers in other gyms and no one has come close to demonstrating the degree of work ethic, expertise or talent that Amanda has for training. Her constant positivity and constructive feedback throughout each session allows me to continuously improve my form and my arsenal of workout techniques. I love Amanda's classes and team training! I even changed my work schedule in order to attend team training every Saturday! I have lost 35 lbs in 3 months so far and I know I can keep going, thanks to Amanda!

    Chelsea J.
  • Tara J. , Fit Club Pro Gym Testimonials

    Fit club is such an amazing gym! First things first, It is huge! You have an option to workout either upstairs or downstairs. Both being different yet most of the same equipment. This is what I love most about this gym. I never feel crowded or uncomfortable. They also have a lot of classes and different rooms to do exercises so you never feel cramped. The staff is great as well. When I signed up they set me up with a free personal trainer. I have been working with April for a few weeks now and I absolutely love her. She's easy going, funny and understands the dread of coming to the gym. She has made working out fun! I've learned a lot from her and the correct way to workout and not hurt yourself. I highly recommend fit club in Massapequa!

    Tara J.

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