Strengthen the Upper Body & Core with TRX Rows

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Strengthen your upper body and challenge your core simultaneously with TRX row variations. Using the similar motion as a bench press, a row is done by using your upper body to pull weight rather than push it. There are various ways to increase your performance and get results by incorporating variations into this basic movement. Here are a couple: 

Change the grip: Similar to the pull-up variations, use an overhand grip to increase the difficulty of the TRX Mid Row as compared to neutral (palms facing one another) and supinated (underhand) grips.

Go to one-arm variations: You can do one arm at a time, too.  In doing so, you add a little more of a challenge to rotary stability of the core.  Here's the basic version, although you can expand upon it by adding a reach at the bottom (toward the floor) and top (toward the rack) with the non-working arm. Rows are a staple exercise, but that doesn't mean that they need to be boring!  Try these progressions - and even combine some of them - and you'll find that you're able to include a row variation in just about every strength-training program you complete.

Elevate the feet: This progression is somewhat "assumed," but most people overlook the fact that you can elevate the feet a lot further than you might think. I like to use the 24" box. You can also utilize various elevations for mechanical advantage drop sets. Go from a more extreme elevation, to a subtle elevation, to no elevation, and then even to a more upright position to finish things off. A set of 20-25 TRX Mid Rows can be a fantastic finisher.

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